3 thoughts on “Kitchen started…….

  1. Just a quick word of advice…looks like there are a couple splits/cracks in that top layer of the Plywood. (maybe [if it’s not glued already] try flipping it around?) Not trying to knock your work…just a little constructive critique. although i’m sure it will be protected and covered, or coated top and bottom and there will never be any substantial weight back there…just saying, Looks the ball though keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I miss swinging a hammer…this online eCommerce thingy is a rat race…


  2. Thanks! Yeah I noted those cracks in the top layer of ply….. I decided to have them on the inside rather than the outside as the outside will be exposed (sealed with bitumen though ) ….. I’ll probably fill the cracks with epoxy , and the galley area will be covered with a yet to be determined flooring……

    I’m going to build another one straight after this one. I’ve already learnt so much and how I would do things faster and different next time around.



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