The Illawarra Woodwork School

My teardrop build is happening at the Illawarra Woodwork School , which I’ve been a student at for the last 3 years. The teacher and proprietor of the school is Stuart Montague, who is a 3rd generation cabinet maker, formally qualified furniture designer (UTAS) and a master woodworker. Stuart is very supportive of any project , and the limit is really only your imagination.

It’s a relaxed environment at the school with Stuart’s guidance and support along the way. Many times I have seen Stuart help a student turn a pigs ear into a silk purse!! (Including my own ) It’s quite amazing to see how quickly student’s move from simple beginner projects to complete pieces of furniture in just a few terms.

I will add some posts of my earlier projects mixed in with the teardrop build , on my journey as a woodworker.

From pencil box to Roubo bench and now the teardrop caravan… the skies the limit!!

Here’s the link for the school –




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